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Create Confidence

Dramatics is helping to create the whole individual.
We understand that a haircut isn’t just a task you check off the list every four – six weeks. Your hair is a representation of you – the real New Yorker.  We know that our clients get a haircut before the first date; before the next big job interview; a blow dry before a night out on the town. We are helping to create confidence in your everyday life. […]

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What is the New Yorker’s Image?

Hello, beautiful people!
Phoenix here with the latest scoop on fashion trends and the impact hair, makeup and color play in putting together the hottest combinations to hit this fall! As an undercover fashionista, I’m here to get to the bottom of the burning question,
‘What is the New Yorker’s Image?’ […]

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Salon Benefit

Today, November 7 is a special day at the Dramatics Fifth Avenue salon.
It is a day when all 9 star stylist Platinum PIA nominees (under the guidance of Harley) meet there to make people beautiful and raise money to help New York youths. […]