Dita, is a stylist at Dramatics NYC 34th street. Her certifications include Clairol, Wella, Scwartscopf, Color Touch and Alfaparf. Whether you want hair that looks like a celebrity, or you desire Dita to help you develop your
own personal style, she’s a master of cut and color.
She will assist you to look and feel your best!



I don’t know much about color and hair but I know what I want it to look like. Every time I come to Dita I walk out of the salon feeling like I am right off the cover of a magazine. She truly does a remarkable job on both my color and cut. I have gone from one extreme blond highlights to a dark brunette and was impressed each time. She is the first hair stylist/colorist i have found in NY to persuade me to keep returning. Great job Dita!!

Carol C.

Dita is an amazing stylist and she is the only one I trust with my hair! She highlights cuts and styles my hair perfectly and always makes me feel l i k e a million bucks! She always knows exactly what she’s doing what my hair needs the most and what will look the best. And each time I go I get a hundred compliments from friends and coworkers which is always nice! My hair looks better than it has in my life – and it’s all thanks to Dita!

Kim S.

From my first appointment Dita could read my mind. She listens very well to what clients want and it shows from her work. She knows exactly how I like my highlights. Perfect natural looking for a not-platinum but bright multidimensional blonde. No one can tell I’m really a brunette and with Dita’s help I know it will stay that way!! Dita can always be trusted to style hair as well. Every time I leave her chair with beautiful hair.


I have traveled all around the world but no one can do my highlights as perfectly as she. Not only does she do excellent highlights and cut she also is a great hairstylist for up-dos. She did my hair for my wedding the most important night of my life. I was showered with compliments and have amazing photos to prove it. Thank you so much Dita for your wonderful hard work. She is a perfectionist at heart and has a great eye for style so that is what makes her the best stylist in NYC!


I moved to NYC last year and before that have been going to the same hair stylist for the past 13 years. I figured I would try and find a new stylist in the city. I heard great things about Dramatics from my colleagues. My appointment was with Dita. She introduced me to the Shea butter products which I have completely fallen in love with. It has changed my hair and looks better than it ever has. But on top of that Dita is always trying to improve the color she puts in my hair and I think that each month it just looks better and better as she gets to know me better. She is so sweet and very easy to talk to and I completely trust her when she likes to try new things with my hair. Whenever I am in the salon everyone walking by comments on how beautiful my blonde hair is. I owe all of that to Dita. She is wonderful!

Jessica L.

Dita is a fantastic stylist! I have been going to Dita for about 4 years now and have never been disappointed with my haircut and highlights. Dita is very warm and kind. She listens to the client’s needs. She has become a great friend and could not even think of using a different stylist. Dita is also wonderful to use for weddings and events. She did my sister’s black tie wedding and jaws dropped when everyone saw my sister’s hair! It was beautiful! I highly recommend Dita as a stylist!