A good listener, this talented stylist is a charmer who who is a consistent, warm family man with excellent customer service skills. Dell will help you achieve the image you want.





Dell has been cutting my hair for over a decade. He helped me transition from ultra short and spiky to long and luxurious! I trust him with every strand on my head! Dell has been cutting my hair for so long that he knows exactly what to do. My hair always looks great, he makes it easy to manage and I always love it, long or short, I am grateful he’s there!

Laura Robb

Dell is my hair magician!


Dell is an awesome stylist! I have been going to him for the past few years and every time I go to get my hair done I leave feeling fabulous. He always makes suggestions about products I can use to make my hair healthier and maintain it as well. He is a wonderful listener and always styles my hair to my satisfaction. Dell is talented warm and professional. I don’t ever need to see another stylist again because I have Dell!

I have been going to Dell for years now. He is the only person I will let touch my hair because he gives me a perfect cut every single time. I love Dell and recommend him to all my friends because he is that great!