Zone is a long time Dramatics favorite and it is her unique style in hair cutting and color technique that makes her an excellent choice. She is known for giving 100% to every client who sits in her chair.



No one. No one touches my hair but Zone. She’s been cutting my hair for over 10 years. Followed her here when Dramatics moved to this location and will seek her out where ever she works. Color me with the crayon labeled LOYAL.


I like Zone because she is wonderful stylist and colorist. It is unusual for one person to be good in both of these areas. Zone has been my hairdresser for around 10 years – I’m a very satisfied customer!

Ellen Funk

Zone listens really listens not only to what I say but to what my hair says. And the results speak for themselves!


Thanks to Zone I feel like I’m getting my hair done by someone who really listens to what I have to say. She makes an effort to understand your hair and what the possibilities are. Even when I’m not really sure what I want and try to get her to make the decision for me she’s good at getting me to think about what I like and we come up with something together. It’s nice to come into a place where your stylist remembers you. I feel very welcome.

Lisa H.

Zone has been doing my hair for at least the last 15 years and I would not have anyone else in Dramatics do it. She is by far the best colorist you have I watch the other hair stylist and she is the most knowledgeable. I recommend her to all my friends and will continue to use her services.


I have thick unruly hair. Zone is the only barber I’ve been to who shapes it to that it looks good for months.

Alec H.

She listens how you want you hair styled. She is upbeat during the whole session.

Lorraine K.

Zone has cut my hair forever. She has kept my hair stylish and casual. She has always made sure my cut and color have suited my face and lifestyle. She is reliable and enthusiastic about her job. I drive in from another borough to get her to cut my hair. She certainly deserves acknowledgement for her professional achievements.

Melissa S.

Zone I tried many stylists until I found Zone She works with her client to achieve a style consistent with appearance and easy maintenance. No horror stories here!


I have been going to Zone for over 5 years and she is a fantastic colorist. She has such a wonderful sense of play and artistry using hair as a painter does a canvas. I recommend Zone without reservation!


Zone is the best in NYC!!! I highly recommend her!!


I would highly recommend Zone (Dramatics NYC)as a stylist to anyone I know. She rescued my hair when I was having significant difficulty with it. It had no body it was limp and greasy looking and the hairstyle was less than optimum. She changed the style and the shampoo I was using and my hair came back to life. The new style was easy to manage and much more attractive and suited to my face. Zone is now also highlighting my hair. She does a superb job. She is the best stylist I’ve ever had.

Phyllis Kreuttner

She is the only person to cut my hair for over 10 years. She is a dedicated professional and I would be lost without her. I love you Zone.

John Hernandez

I was a 1st time walk-in and had to wait an hour before I sat in Zone’s chair. It was worth the wait. She did
exactly what I wanted and I was thrilled. She gave me excellent advice and really listened to what I was looking
for in my new haircut and why. I immediately made an appointment to see her in 6 weeks’ time. Even if it’s your
first time to Dramatics, make an appointment b/c they are not doctors’ offices that see people in turn. They are
serious about making sure you see whom you came to see at the time you want to be seen. But, like I said, it was
totally worth it because Zone was great and I’m glad I took a chance on Dramatics NYC.