Shine is a stylist at Dramatics NYC at 57th street. Her certifications include classy-upscale, traditional, volumizing, fine hair, Wella, Ace, L’oreal and updos. Shine’s celebrity clients include John Ritter, Alec Baldwin, Macaulay Culkin and Maureen Van Zandt. Her cut and color skills will bring shine to your life! Make an appointment with Shine 212-586-1035. The address is 352 57th street between 8th and 9th avenue.





I have been going to Shine for 15 years. I wouldn’t trust my hair to anyone else. She knows me so well and never tries to talk me into something that she knows I won’t . But she does make suggestions that will keep my hair healthy and strong and I really respect her opinion and expertise. Shine is a true gem and Dramatics and all of her clients are lucky to have her.


Finding a stylist that gives you a haircut you love is like winning the lotto…..Years and years of bad haircuts and juggling salons and stlists gives me the right to say that.I discovered Shine by chance.Stopped by for a haircut without an appointment 5 years ago got Shine to cut my hair and ever since that day no one hastouched a pair of scissors to my head other than Shine.

She is the best…..bubbly pleasant always ready to listen never imposing her ideas but gives you suggestions for you to make a pick.

Never once in these 5 years have I seen her moody or unpleasant. Never once in the last 5 years have I walked out of the salon not loving my hair or wanting to try a new stylist. Infact my fear is what if she moves out of town…who will cut my hair…thats how much I love what she does….I get a ton of compliments on my hair cut….infact other clients in the salon have asked me if they can show my hair cut to their particular stylist so they can get it done….During my last cut I asked her to cut and highlight my hair and as always the result is fabulous. She deserves all the praise and kudos one can give. Any woman knows how important it is o have her hair looking great and Shine knows exactly how to do it.

Susan N.

For me a good hair cut/style is a result of the process of developing a relationship with your stylist. SHINE has worked with me to do just that. She is a true professional in her craft and as an individual. Dramatics is lucky to have her. May It Be…SHINE for stylist of the year 2010 and the Platinum PIA Award!

T. Clift

Testimonial_regarding_a_business,_service_or_entertainer:: Shine has been cutting my hair for over 10 years now and without fail I have always been pleased with her technique suggestions and willingness to listen to my wishes. Invariably when I’m in the beauty chair another client or stylist will come over and comment on how nice my hair looks. Nothing builds confidence more than a great haircut. I walk out of Dramatics each time walking at least 3 inches taller. Thanks Shine for making my hair my crown. Don’t ever leave!

Robin W.

Shine has been doing my hair for almost 3 years and she is FANTASTIC! She is consistent and has a keen eye to detail which means her styles do not disappoint! Her coloring/highlights are perfect and vibrant and will make your hair “shine”. You will never leave dramatics with a “bad cut” you can trust her!

Alissa J.

What do you look for in a stylist? Someone that is friendly talented makes you laugh and is professional. After 8 years I can say that Shine is all of these and more. She gets to know you as a person is always funny and courteous and with her holster of gleaming stainless steel strapped to her hip she’s l i k e an urban ninja with scissors.

Jim H.

I have been getting my color done by Shine for a few years now. I always receive compliments especially from other stylists.


i’ve been a having my hair done @ dramatics on west 57th street for almost 10 years.having my hair done by a master hair stylist is extremely important to me as i haved surgery on my head two times.i need someone who is patientcaringcan suggest hair products for my hair type which is baby fine and “salt & pepper”. My frontal hairline is my weakest point and I must have an expert stylist to gently blow dry that particular area of my head. I have found shine to be a master stylist and the products she has recommended for my particular hair type has given me outstanding results. My hair is healthy glowing & shiny. i’ve had other clinents @ dramatics come up to me & ask if that is all my hair & if it’s my natural color. I even had one woman get off a bus in front of dramatics & came up to me & stated she wanted her hair to look like mine what a compliment!!! My hair shines because of shine. Minxy cat the receptionists simply lovely and suggested i pre book my appointments as a result of this i won the $100 prize in April. I couldn’t imagine going any where else to have my hair done. My hair is a big part of who i am and because of shine my hair is a total reflection of her professionalism. Thank you shine for keeping my hair healthy. When I look good I feel good.

Sarah L.

Shine is fantastic. I went to her for the first time last year after getting an awful haircut somew here else and she transformed my hair and has been giving me the best haircuts of my life ever since!


I have been in New York for …6 years…searching for the best stylist to cut my hair….from $13 barbers to $100 “stylists”…hands down SHINE is the best…she listens and knows exactly what you want and gives you more…she has fixed bad haircuts and creat_ed new styles….anytime i go anywher_e else i kick myself that i didnt wait and go see SHINE….she is worth the wait and is simply the best in NYC….make your appointment now…xo


Shine has been my hairdresser for seven years since I came to NY. I would strongly recommend Shine because she has consistently done a good job and just as importantly listens to what exactly what I want done. Thank you Shine!

Alice Pierini

Shine has been my hairstylist for a few years and I came to her for a platinum color and “hollywood” styling – the color is so beautiful I had a man stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful my hair was!!! That did it – I would only dare come to Shine for this color – plus she is a real doll and I enjoy seeing her! By the way I am over 60 so when yu get compliments like that in the street you dont forget!

Elaine Leary

After many I mean many different hairstylists. I stumbled on to shine. Finally I have a great stylist. Friendly made me feel comfortable. I will by happy to shine with shine

Steve B.

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