I would like to say how wonderful Gina V also known as Martini of Dramatics NYC on East 23rd Street in NYC is. I’ve been going to her for a bit over a year now at least and I have to say she is the most amazing stylist I’ve ever had not only from a talent perspective but from her ability to interact with her clientele which is something many stylists are utterly lacking.

I have very long hair normally past my waist to my lower back and many stylists would rush to get through it and appear frustrated when I wanted a colour. Gina is not only immensely talented but patient kind caring of her client’s needs and so attentive I don’t know where to begin. Even if she has to juggle multiple clients she finds a way to pay intricate detail to each appointment. Doing a cut style colour and blow-dry on hair my length routinely takes 2-4 hours but she has never once made me feel rushed. She listens to what I want and goes above and beyond to make sure I look great. Without fail I get compliments not only all day but for weeks and sometimes months afterwards not only from the other stylists but from other customers in the salon from random people on the street my friends family….everyone looks at her work and says “wow.” Now I have nice hair but it’s her magic touch that brings out my hair’s potential. She does the cut and colour so well that even if I go a few months without coming in people still stop to tell me how wonderful my hair colour is which is a testament to how well it is done to begin with if months later it has grown and faded and STILL looks rockin’! Gina aka Martini deserves this award. She gives the same attention and patience and talent to a 4 hour appointment as a 20 minute appointment and everything in between. She is knowledgeable about cuts colour the newest trends and continues to clearly further her education regarding beauty. She has a passion and commitment that people in ANY industry would do well to take notice of. She clearly has the talent to be charging hundreds of dollars for a haircut and frankly I’ve had a $300 haircut in the past from a “popular” salon and it didn’t compare to the ones she gives me. Gina V’s ‘stage name’ at the salon may be “Martini” but it should be Platinum or Diamond because she is truly a priceless gem in the world of often-snobby talentless hacks that make people feel badly if they aren’t up to par with whatever “trend” may be around. Gina is wonderful. Or maybe Martini is a good fit….her style is intoxicating! Gina V rocks – she deserves this award without a second thought!


Hi. You will see that I have an additional e-mail and can be reached at both mail boxes for the next few months until I transfer to new Apple. I this really is a marvelous haircut. My husband thinks it’s super and hours later it’s still holding it’s shape. Loved being your client and will continue to come to you for shaping. I live in LA for a few months in the summer so not to worry if I don’t return until fall. You are in all ways a great find. Best Victoria


3 years ago I had horrible fried hair. I went from stylist to stylist trying to fix it. I had horrible color and highlights that went wrong then I found Martini. Upon arrival she educated me about how to take care of my hair from shampoo to treatments and then what steps we should take to fix my color and grow long healthy hair again. I also have curly hair and not many stylists know how to deal with curly hair and do a good blow out. I moved away and went to another stylist that once again ruined my hair that Martini spent so much time fixing. Now I travel almost 2 hours to my appointments with Martini because
whenever she cuts my hair I feel lik_e it grows so much faster and it always feels super healthy. Martini is my hair hero!


I have been getting my haircut by Martini for more than 2 years and I have to say that she is the most consistent stylist that I have ever been to. Not only are her haircuts consistently awesome but she is consistently ever changing my look as well and I have never trusted anyone so much. She is the best!!


Genius- I love her! See has been doing my hair for years” can live without her!


Martini is a complete pleasure to know!! She makes my day So much better when I see her!!


Martini is such a wonderful stylist always giving me the best of her advice and time. She is never without a smile and is asset to your company.


I’ve never been happier with my cut or my color…You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol K.

Martini is great! She is very patient and always takes her time with me. Not only is she an awesome stylist but she is great to talk to. I go to her every 4 weeks for a haircut and some sort of advice. She is the best!!


The first time I walked into NYC Dramatic’s I was under the impression that I would just get a regular cut wash and blow dry. When I went to the front desk I told the receptionist the look I was going for and asked her to recommend someone who would fit the hair pro I was looking for. That’s when I met Martini. Upon meeting her it immediately felt like someone I hadn’t seen in a very long time. She made me feel at ease and very comfortable. She taught me to open up about trying new products without forcing the idea into my head and she was ON POINT with all the treatment that was needed for my type of hair. I did everything from bleaching to perming to chopping all my hair off….etc with her. She never fails to amaze me when it comes to my hair. She also made sure that I left satisfied. Despite the many clients she had I noticed to see that she made sure that everyone was taken care of. It’s been about three years I have being seeing Martini and I would highly recommend her to all my friends. She’s fantastic!


Martini did a great job highlighting my hair when I was at Dramatics for my last visit. She did exactly what I wanted and I also loved the haircut that she gave me.She is very professional and knows how to make the visit fun! I have had Martini twice for my hair and she has never ceased to amaze me. Thank You Martini!!


Since moving to NYC back in 2001 I’ve been on the hunt for a great stylist. I have depended upon referrals Mark Garrison Salon and my own research but haven’t truly been happy until I found Martini. I’ve finally found someone who listens to what I’m looking for but also gives me her own ideas. Martini has been my stylist for 2 years and I’ve always been extremely happy with my cut and color – and have had many compliments! I won’t go to anyone else!

Karen M.

She is great! Best haircut I have ever had.


I have been having my hair colored for dozens of years and consider myself an expert on what is good technique. Martini’s ability is superior to many salon treatments which I have previously received. My hair has never looked better to my mind and I’m really the one whose opinion matters.


I just started going to Martini and I have to say WOW! Awesome stylist! She made me feel very comfortable upon greeting me and I have to say that her professionalism was very impressive as well as the professionalism of the rest of the staff at Dramatics on 23st. I have been to other Dramatics in the past and did not receive the warm welcome as I did at this location. I will definitely be coming back to this salon for more Martinis!! (3/8/11)


I’m a freelance publicist and also work for a major high tech company. I dabble in the fashion industry. I’ve seen her twice in the past 2 months. I’ll keep coming back. Martini can translate a great hair concept into reality. She’s engaging and makes you want to remain loyal to her.
I don’t typically write reviews. But discovering Martini was a pleasant surprise. I’d yet to find a stylist I became attached to in Manhattan. Her technique is creative focused and detail oriented. She really takes her time and listens to her clients. She also has a warm welcoming personality you just want to be around. I already feel like I’ve know her for years. (3/8/11)


Martini did my hair last night and spends time on the finer points. She made sure the lines were soft around my jawbone and made my hair which is super thick feel weightless! An absolute professional Martini is also great fun to be around

Stephanie Castle