I vote for MAYBELLINE!!!
She is awesome treating my hair!!!Very delicate and she does exactly what you ask her to do!! Very conscious in her work, she knows her job inside and out and can get you what you want. As a person she is super nice and has a lot of style 😉

Maria José Bustos

Maybelline at 47th street dramatics was so friendly and nice. She knew exactly what to do to my hair and I trusted her immediately because of her warm personality



She does her job beautifully and she is beyond professional. She does more than “enhance” hair; she takes care of it. I have seen her advising clients on hair care and she has advices me on my hair loss problem. Her cuts and colors have so much harmony and I always look up to her as a role model. She loves her job very much and I think she should win this competition. Maybelline has everything a great stylist should have. She has charisma, she’s unique in so many ways, she keeps her clients happy and she’s easy to get along with. Miss Maybelline is already a winner and she knows this.

Casper The Friendly Ghost

I truly love Maybeline and the way she does hair. She takes her time with you and allows your hair to mature. She is Awesome!!!!!!!!!


Maybelline is a great and I truly believe she should be stylist of the year. She is always learning new techniques to stay on top of what’s new


I know that Maybeline is a fantastic stylist. She truly knows what she is doing and listens to what you want. With her you’re just not another “head” in her chair! She will bring your hair back to life that’s why she’s my stylist!

Jessica Lee

Maybelline completely transformed my hair! I went in for highlights and she did an amazing job! She put in a lot of effort to make sure everything was just right. I keep getting compliments on my new style and my hair looks better than it ever has been before. Thank you Maybelline!


Maybelline is the best in the world! She’s kind, funny and smart. Oh, and she is the best hair stylist professional ever.

Thomas Gallo

Maybelline is wonderful! Her coloring and styling skills are excellent and she does all her work with a smile on her face. She is warm but professional and a very creative artist. I’ve been going to her for years and have never been disappointed.


I am nominating Maybelline for the award. May always greets me as if I was a friend whom she missed seeing. She pays attention to my instructions and always has suggestions for what I can do to make myself look just a little better, without being presumptuous or out of line. She always presents herself well in every way and I unhesitatingly recommend her to one and all.

Robert Dobrish

Maybelline is awesome, always in for a new trend and daring to try new things !
After having gone to the same hairdresser for 35 years in my home country I came to New York and Maybelline picked up where I left off. She deserves to be Stylist of the Year.

Inge Zegwaard

Maybelline is hands down the best hair stylist!! She takes her time and knows what works best for clients and is always a good listener to determine how her clients want to look! Best hair cuts!

Ryan Campbell

Maybeline is an amazing stylist. I love her work! She’s also very sweet