Basic rules you most follow in order to have  healthy hair.
1. Shampoo and condition your hair twice a week (use professional hair products according to your hair and scalp needs).
2. Brush your hair more often.
3. Hydrate your hair once a week (deep conditioning treatment, according to your hair needs)
4. Gloss your hair at least every two months (can be use for shine, enhancing or neutralize unwanted tones)

5. Trim your hair every 3 months in order to prevent split ends.
6. If you have chemically treated hair be consistent with your touch ups and never wait too long in between color services. For single process  and double process color don’t wait longer than 6 weeks as the regrowth will be very long by that time and color will have to be applied differently to ensure even tonality.
(this will save you time and money)

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