She is a stylist for Dramatics NYC, located at Sixth Ave in the West Village. Her certifications include Schwarzcopf, L’Oreal, Alfa Parf, Wella, Paul Brown and Brazilian.

Make an appointment with Brandy at 212-982-2293

Hi, I would love to share with you my experience as a hairstylist and my vision of future hair fashion trends





Brandy is the best. She has been my hair guru for the past 2 years. She is a master at what she does and she is super welcoming. I love going to the salon to see her she always gives 115% and makes me look fabulous every time!


Brandy is a masterful stylist. She has helped transform my conservative self into a vibrant new woman. Thank you so much. Brandy. You are the best!


Brandy makes you feel right at home.She shows real warmth and listens to what you and don’t and offers her professional advice.She does loves what she does and one can tell that she excels in all types of hair and styles.I love what Brandy has done for me.


Since I came across Brandy serendipitously she was available when I walked in to the salon I keep coming back to get her professional yet kind services!
Her interpersonal skills and professionalism are remarkable and are worthy of mentioning.
You will not regret if you made Brandy your hair carer.

Paz G.

It was time for a haircut and I saw a $10 “new location” special on the window so I had to walk in. The special was only for a wash and cut, but I decided to get the wash, cut and blow-dry for an extra $30 (I needed a pick-me-up that day so I said why not?).

Anyways, Brandy did my hair and she is amazing! She really really loves what she does and she is very kind and sweet. We quickly got along and started talking about everything; she is Dominican so we had some nice conversations in Spanish. She gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had and she styled it great! She also gave me great advice on how to get shinier, healthier looking hair. I even got some free coffee while I got my hair done.

My overall experience was fantastic. Everyone was very kind and the price was not bad for such great service. Brandy is awesome, but from what I saw everyone else seemed very passionate about their work. I will personally stick to Brandy just because we bonded so well.

Liana P.

Brandy used to work at the Dramatics in my neighborhood on East 63rd Street and Second Avenue for several years.

I was devastated when they suddenly shut down the saloon in my neighborhood – because in Brandy I had finally found a stylist who listened and did exactly what you asked her to. She was friendly professional quick and very knowledgeable about hair!…. Woe is me – shes gone!! I was not going to give up without some detective work. I called the main number at Dramatics asked about her whereabouts and was told that she was now in the Village. I went for a trim today and needless to say both me and my hair are delighted at this story’s happy ending!


Brandy is the best hair stylist I have ever had. She is the only hair stylist that I trust completely. I give her an idea of what style I’m in the mood for and let her do the rest. If she wants to tweak it she doesn’t have to ask permission. I just let her do it. Her energy is great and her smile makes u feel at ease. What can I say…..she is the BEST!!!


Brandy is extremely talented in all aspects of hair styling. She is an amazing colorist and her blow dry’s can transform my hair to look like a model. I highly recommend her as a stylist. She is a wonderful caring person also!


Brandy is the best hairdresser I’ve had in New York hands down! She’s always welcoming and friendly and really listens to what you want – I always have so much fun getting my hair cut and it looks fabulous at the end too.


Brandy is awesome. She has been doing my color for a year. She can custom blend for your needs. She also has a locissima style of blow out – nails it in 12 mins flat – and I have a lot of hair!!!


To start off, Brandy was ready for me at the exact appointment time, which was impressive. She was very nice, listened to what I wanted – a haircut/trim – and we seemed to agree on what needed to be done. She even found a magazine picture similar to the suggested haircut. She was very thorough and meticulous, which resulted in a very stylish haircut. Other stylists said they liked it, too. Brandy might be the stylist I’ve been looking for so long so I will be going back for sure.


Brandy is fabulous. I walked in without knowing how lucky I was to have made a spur of the moment decision to get my hair “cut, trimmed, cleaned up a little” at Dramatics in the West Village. I’m new in town and I had been uncertain about where to go. Brandy really listened to what I wanted and explained how to help my very thin but curly hair look much fuller and grow in healthier. She gave me the best cut and restyling I’ve had in years, using her expertise and sensitivity to my face, hair and needs. Thanks Brandy for making me feel so comfortable and understood, you have a new fan!