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  • Alfredo Chavez

    It was my first time getting my haircut at Dramatics that a relative of mine recommended. Before being taken in by Diesel I already knew the style and cut I wanted for my hair. I explained it to one the stylist who was originally supposed to do my hair. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ideal hair for the cut, which the stylist reminded me but I already knew that before coming in. The stylist admitted to me that she wasn’t comfortable in trying to “risk”? it trying to cut my hair, and that’s where Diesel comes in. I once again explained it and even showed a picture of the cut I wanted for my hair and he simply responded “ok, easy.” Fast forwarding it to the finishing touches, Diesel was able to not only give me the cut I wanted but to my surprise replicate it to that of the one in the picture. I was extremely pleased and ecstatic with my haircut, I felt as I was fueled with confidence beauty and style (sound familiar?)I left the the salon with a bag of some hair products , Diesel’s business card and a new self image.

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