The first and last hair salon I’ll ever go to.

So I’m a 23-year-old New Hampshire girl, born and raised. Just moved to the city. Mom’s a hairdresser. Never once stepped foot in a salon. Walked in to Dramatics in Union Square and was immediately sat in the shampoo station. Young sweet girl shampooed my hair and asked all the right questions. I was assigned Envy as a stylist. He’s incredible. I told him to do whatever he thinks is best. He kept my length, threw in some basic layers, and angled the hair around my face (I’ve got long, curly, frizzy hair). He gave me a blow out that legit made my day. Two people gave me compliments just on my walk over to Trader Joe’s.
Lindsey L.

I will continue to trek from LI to get my haircut from the stellar crew at this location. They are professional, sincere, and treat their customers wonderfully. I’ve been to other locations; this one is my favorite. Envy and Electra both took care of me, and I adore how much fun they are with their positivity and hard work. :)