Dramatics NYC Pricing

WALK-IN Shampoo + Cut Only $27.95$27.95$27.95
WALK-IN Shampoo + Blow Dry Only$34.95$34.95$34.95
Request a Stylist H/C$37.95+$42.95+$47.95+
Shampoo & Style$34.95+$37.95+$47.95+
Color Gloss$57.95+$62.95+$67.95+
Shine Gloss/Prizms$23.00+$28.00+$33.00+
Single Process (Ammonia Free, No pPD,pTD)$72.95+$77.95+$82.95+
Double Process$74.95+$79.95+$84.95+
Partial Highlights$62.95+$67.95+$72.95+
Full Foil Highlights Service$99.95+$104.95+$109.95+
Partial Volumizing$72.95+$77.95+$82.95+
Full Head Volumizing$89.95+$94.95+$99.95+
Relaxers Texturizing$89.95+$94.95+$99.95+
Conditioning Treatment Service$22.95+$22.95+$22.95+
Updos Service$52.95+$57.95+$62.95+

Salon Service Videos

Balayage Highlights

Double Process

Single Process

Up Do

Blow out

Request a Stylist

+ = Additional cost up to 50% depending on length & texture of hair. 
       All consultations are complimentary.

Level: Senior Expertly trained in all facets of the latest creative cutting techniques, hair coloring and texturing processes. All Seniors have a minimum of 3 years experience at the Stylist Level.

Level: Master Have fulfilled a specified criteria in advanced education and training for 12 months in our educational center. This group averages 6 years experience at the Stylist Level.

Level: Artistic A select group that has been active in advanced education and training. Our Artistic Stylists average 10 years experience and have been trained extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Israel.


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