Curly, long and lustrous. 3rd ave’s seasoned Artistic Director specializes in enhancing and refining your locks of love. Gucci is a master of nourishing curly hair in ways you’ve dreamed of. Make your dream come true with Gucci!



Because she’s the BEST! I have followed her from salon to salon all over NY – she always gives me the best cut and color never pressures me into something I don’t l i k e or don’t want to buy is always focused and fun to be with….I ALWAYS Leave feeling GREAT about myself because Shear Genius “hair is important”!. What else could I ask for? Well Goochala you can take me to meet Bobby DeNiro!

Donna K.

I came to Gucci from my friends referral. I could not be more happy with my results. I wasn’t exactly sure what cut would work and she spent time discussing my options and giving me an educated opinion. The highlights and the cut look incredible. She was so down to earth and really cared about the work she was doing. She is heads above any other stylist I’ve been to in NYC. THANKS GUCCI! I’ll be back!

Tara L.

I have visited the salon on two occasions and both times my hair was done by “Gucci”. Gucci is professional and patient. She has a vision and applies it. I was pleased with the color cut and style. What was also of importance to me is that HER hair too was nicely done. I would recommend “Gucci” to all of my friends family & co-workers. Can’t wait for my next color and what vision she will have for me this time around!


I’ve been with Gucci now for 3 years. She is professional courteous and super friendly. She loves what she does and takes pride in her work. On a few occasions I’ve changed my style and even though I had a hard time explaining what I want she listens patiently and the end result is always exactly what I envisioned. I appreciate her honesty too. In the end she will do whatever you want but if she feels the style wouldn’t work with the type of hair you have she will let you know. She lets you know before she does anything whether or not the style and cut is high maintenance or low maintenance and what needs to be done to maintain it. My mom who lives in Florida goes to her too anytime she visits NY

I absolutely love Gucci and highly recommend her. Props to the entire staff at Dramatics on 3rd Ave. They are friendly welcoming and just a pleasure to deal with.


I become very particular when cutting my hair whether it is .5 inches or 18.5 inches long straight or sporting my natural Dominican kink. It can be very difficult to cut curly hair that defies all rules especially when I think I know better what suits me or how to cut my own hair. However I must share with everyone who can relate to me that Gucci Melissa of Dramatics does the job and I’ve learned to never have any fear when she is holding the scissor. Never ever before Gucci has that happened. She seems as though your direction went right over her head but lo and behold she repeats exactly what you said and does the deed. She’ll also clean up someone else’s hair vomit if you cheat on her without the guilt. I’ve followed Gucci over 3 Salons and 9 years. Any hair texture length – Gucci pleases. She works those shears to accommodate you. PS This is not a paid endorsement. I am genuine in my critique.

Gloria aka Betty

Started seeing Gucci about 2 years ago. I was nervous since i have had bad experiences before with stylist being either too scissor happy or just don’t get what the client is really asking for. Gucci not only listened to my concerns patiently, but also guided me the whole time always showing me how much she was about to cut, and also offered her valuable advice on what style to try. She is awesome, and great with new customers. She certainly won me over! I have since then gotten coloring done as well, and this too, she does amazing!

Thanks Gucci!