Maintaining Hair Color at Home

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Well before the dawn of the beauty industry, color has been known to inspire and influence many facets of our everyday lives. From the clothing we wear, to our very own eye, lip and hair color, the shade of your choice says it all about you! Dying hair a different color has been unstoppable in popularity since its inception and is only growing year after year. What started as a basic single process of rejuvenating grays back to a youthful brown or blonde, has evolved into an art form of endless hues ranging from reds to blues, fluorescents and pastels, one’s imagination is the only limit- that, and proper color care. How does one go about ensuring that the color stays lush all the way until your next salon visit? We at Dramatics NYC have the 411 you need to know, as we will review today’s top color care shampoo and conditioner brands and compare what works best!

Hair care at home is essential to its general health and needed more of when it comes to coloring your hair. This, is a universal principle in which all of our Dramatics NYC Stylists express its endless importance to their clients. I would compare maintaining your hair color at home to equipping your iPhone X with a suited phone case, to protect its value. There is no difference in concept, as you are upkeeping the investment you have made into the betterment of your hair and its appearance. It all boils down to what it is we are choosing for this home care.

With so many options and brands out there, which do you trust to deliver?

Researching today’s market, the top brands that sell the most and are the most popular tend to sway the New York City clientele, as we are a city built on reputation. We rely on what’s voted “the best” by the majority of the consensus and will usually opt to whatever is the “go-to shampoo” of the season, simply out of ease. Let’s look at two of 2018’s “top brand” color care shampoos and conditioners to find out what all the fuss is about. Starting with the well known “Redken Color Extend Magnetics” Shampoo and Conditioner, priced at $27.50 per bottle, the Redken brand offers a trustworthy, well known salon name which surely delivers in its execution. A standard sulfate-free product with low lather, its RCT Protein Complex offers a charge-attract complex, delivering charged amino-ions that attract to the hair fiber to form a barrier of protection. Following in Redken’s footsteps is the “Alterna Caviar Infinite Color” Hair Care Sytem. Selling for Amazon’s lowest rate of $36 a bottle, its paraben-free shampoo and conditioner gives a gentler approach to handling colored hair. While not much of any difference from most color care shampoos, the quality of its ingredients are authentic and guaranteed to do a fine job of preserving a long-lasting color.

Being in business for over thirty years with eight salon locations, we at Dramatics NYC have developed our own naturally formulated brand of hair care products, ranging form sulfate free shampoos, to deep conditioning masques, to top of the line styling aides. Each is designed specifically to cater to a certain category of hair types, ranging from curly & unruly, to fine & delicate, so that there is an option for everyone! Upon asking several clients from each of our eight salon locations, as well as their respective staff, they concluded that “Quench” sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner is the #1 chosen brand in terms of preserving color. Comprised of organic ingredients such as shea butter, hibiscus, sugar cane and cactus extract to fortify and lock in the color fresh for 4-5 weeks. Offering various sizes from a travel 4 oz at $5.95, to a giant 34 oz shower-size at $39.95, Dramatics is focused on giving the best quality hair care for the most convenient rate in New York City! Add on an additional -10% DNYC online loyalty discount and you’re set for the month!We can see that most, if not all hair salons boast a slew of products that cater to long lasting color. Their underlying properties are all based on being sulfate and paraben-free, alongside high quality, naturally formulated ingredients. Dramatics NYC extracts all of those elements and offers it at a lower, more affordable rate to our diverse clientele. So long as their hair is cared for and looking vibrant, we feel fulfilled as hair artists. It is our duty to not only beautify, but to educate!

Written by Ramon Trif a.k.a. Phoenix of Dramatics NYC


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