Growing up “fresh” was the word. The “fresher” you were the cooler you were.  Hip-hop has been a major impact in my life, not only for the music but the culture of it. High fades, low fades, mid fades, rope chains, big rings, cool hats, and dope sneakers.

FADES!! People with the freshest fades were admired and in Queens fades have been something that never lost its hype. Shop after shop of competitive barber shops doing flawless fades for the price of 10 dollars.  I was fascinated on how smooth and easy they would make everything look . My mother has been in the hair  industry for over 20 years.  Growing up I’d go with her to work and never did I see anybody do a fade. I was shocked… When I decided to get into the hair industry I thought ‘hey, if I could learn the art of both hair styling and fades I can be this ultimate hair dresser’. I don’t believe in limitations so I decided I’d hit barber shops like never before.  Yea, I went in for the fades but the questions is what really drew me inside ‘what number guard is that?’, ‘how’d you hit that angle?’, ‘how you get that to look so sharp ?’. CLEAN! Fades have become a major part of the hair industry! I believe clean looks are the future, and with both sides of knowledge I believe I am as well!

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