Lets start with the question what is keratin? Keratin is a natural protein that your hair produces. Sometimes people need a boost of keratin to improve there hair. The keratin treatment is more of a restorative process, which means it strengthens the hair shaft giving your hair a more resilient healthier look. Many celebrities and average joes are getting this treatment done because its affordable and healthy for the hair, especially here at Dramatics. At Dramatics we pride ourselves on using products that improve the well-being and health of your hair, which is why our keratin product contains zero formaldehyde. There are a variety of perks that come to those who get this treatment

done. Perk number one say goodbye to frizz. Everyone hates frizz especially on those rainy, humid, moist days. Keratin treatments eliminate frizz allowing for more manageable hair. Another perk about keratin treatments are they almost cut your styling time in half. Since it makes your hair more manageable your blow out that once took an hour can now only take you up to thirty minutes for your desired look. It also gives a lot of lift to the root area giving you a more voluminous look. After getting a keratin treatment done its important to maintain it in order to give you a longer lasting effect. Start by not washing your hair immediately after and using sulfate free products. By following this routine your keratin should last you about 3 months before you have to repeat it again.


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