Roses are red
Violets are blue
My roots need a touch up
Any color will do!

My hair’s as damaged as a broken heart
All I need is to find my hair part
Perhaps a conditioner for these dry ends
May surpass all these social trends

They say blondes have all the fun
But they need the help of Uniq One
To add shine and lift is no easy task
Recommend to her, a shea butter masque

Frizzy hair can be so frustrating
Blowouts doll you up, ready for dating
Get that sexy red lipstick ready
And style your hair with Hold Steady

My wild side comes out when I do my curls
Curl Trigger, for when I go out with the girls
Lady’s night out is sure to be fun
Be sure to avoid guys with a man bun

Return Engagement is more than “see you again”
Its moisture and shine is a sure bargain
So put on that dress and scandalous heels
Shape up your do with some Reel to Reel

Finding the “one” is blockbuster news
It also adds volume and holds up true
With just one spritz from the bottle
Your love life will grow, full throttle

Gals, you’re not the only ones
Guys need someone too, to call their “hun”
So spruce yourself up, man!
Look stylish in any way you can

Drama Putty will work the best
You’ve tried them all, this is unlike the rest
From scent to hold, it truly delivers
Go out of your way and do it for her

With all this excitement, do not forget
To give it your all and have a date set
Ask him or her to please take your hand
And pass you Grand Finale, for it’s the last can!

written by Ramon Trif


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