About DNYC Media Center 

The DNYC Media Center is a full media production department of Dramatics NYC and it’s franchise chain of hair salons (aka DNYC). The purpose of this department is to create and run all digital advertisement assets in-house, this means all video, web, mobile, marketing campaigns, and collaborative business development.

“Every major brand needs a Media Center built and Run as a self sustaining cloud within the brand.”  – Mark Crutch

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Media Center Internship program

“My goal is to provide students with opportunities to participate in an off-campus practicum with real-world clients. These exploratory experiences, or “internships,” create a trio-partnership between your University, our organization, and (you) the student intern.” – Mark Crutch

The DNYC Media Center is committed to providing a wide range of learning and work opportunities to students with an interest in the production of multiple online assets covering,…

  • Online Ecosystem Development of Brands Platforms & Sites.
  • Research & Develop of Brands Marketing Campaigns.
  • Social Placement & Tracking of Brands Ads.
  • Build Mobile Technology for Brands Community and Clients.
  • Video Production of Brands Creator Shows and Commercials.

Over the course of the program interns will participate in hands-on departmental projects in their assigned filed as well as an overall enrichment program that includes networking opportunities.



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DNYC Media Production Center:
Address: 900 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10040
General Email:  2ndAve@dramaticsnytc.com
General Phone:  (212) 308-1323

Internship FAQ

You will be interning mostly at our Manhattan midtown studio located at 900 2nd Ave, between 47th and 48th St. Depending on the project it may be necessary to work out of one of the 8 brands locations all in Manhattan.   

No. But we do reimburse a lunch stipend of $10 a day and in some cases we reimburse a NYC monthly MetroCard stipend.

NOTE: Only Interns enrolled for more then 15hrs in a week are eligible for a NYC monthly MetroCard stipend  reimbursement.
NOTE: lunch stipends are reimbursed bi-weekly, if applicable metro card stipends are reimbursed Monthly

If you received a “Welcome letter” call DNYC CORP OFFICE (212) 481-2757 and tell us what day you can start. (start day and orientation is the same day)

The internship program is available all year round with a minimum time of 2 months and a maximum of  6 months.

This is flexible but generally all interns dedicate their days and hours while staying in the reimbursement eligibility.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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