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The Dramatics NYC education program was started by the founder Rock. With over 50 years of experience in the hair industry, he used his vast wealth of knowledge to start this education program. The program encompasses courses in the fundamentals of being a well rounded hair stylist. Students enrolling in the courses will gain knowledge within the subjects of consultation, the science and techniques of hair coloring and techniques of hair cutting. 





Founder and owner of Dramatics NYC has half a century worth of experience within the hair industry. His seniority within the industry has given him great insights as to what makes a great hairstylist. The rapport a stylist has with their clients. Nurturing this relationship is the key to becoming a great hairstylist. His class will prepare you to become an amazing hairstylist.


Topaz is a PIA AWARD winning educator and stylist. She is a stylist who works with other stylist take them to the next level. Her specialties include blondes and the new trends of multicolor in any hair color. Topaz’s goal is to bring the best out of each individual and her clients are among some of the most loyal ever.



With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Fame brings passion, creativity and hard work together to draw out each client’s unique beauty. Not only is she an Artistic Director at Dramatics, but a hair cutting and updo styling educator for the company. Through teaching, Fame has found a true love of passing on her knowledge and skills to uprising stylists in the company.

Additionally, Fame specializes in wedding hair styling. From black tie, to shabby chic Fame create’s a unique look for every bride, and her bridal party to look back on , as a wonderful experience to remember. And let’s not forget, updo’s and specialty styling isn’t just for weddings; bring on the gala nights, prom’s or any special occasion where you want to shine…


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