Written by Ramon Trif, a.k.a. “Phoenix

The World Is Your CanvasThe finest artists throughout history, from DaVinci to Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol, Basquiat; they all shared one fine tool as their foundation: A canvas. Hair Stylists are considered another form of a modern-day artist as they take their creativity to a different type of canvas, in a head of hair. Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, actress or otherwise, every creative has a unique approach when tackling their “canvas” of choice. I, myself am a painter and a salon coordinator, so I have the ability to see how both types of artists approach their work.

Inspiration Equals Energy Before I approach a painting, my mood is crucial to being in a positive and inspired state before I begin. How can an artist, painter or hairstylist produce great work if they’re in a lax mood? A Hair Stylist will get themselves excited just from seeing a client who’s in need of change. This alone motivates them to approach that client, (or canvas) with thrilling energy and excitement. When the client is happy, there is a wonderful synergy formed, and magic is made!

What Excites a Hair Stylist? A truly motivated Hair Artist will be inspired by just about anything, as they love tackling creative challenges and setting trends. One of the more desirable “hair canvases”, if you will, is someone who is looking for a dramatic change. Imagine someone walking into your sala, and they have super long hair, three inches of roots and faded color. A Hair Stylist’s eyes will light up with delight as they happily accept them as their transformation of the day. This pushes any Artist beyond their boundaries in order to reach a new level of creativity and satisfaction. The results are always phenomenal! 

Getting in the GrooveBeginning the creative process itself can be different for many people. Some are motivated and influenced by certain music that plays. Others find confidence and flare in the way they dress and present themselves. Artistry is a visual stimulant after all. Especially in the beauty business, where the image is everything! If I had to select someone to trust to cut and color my hair, I would definitely choose the Hair Stylist who’s decked from head to toe, looking like a million bucks! They, themselves are walking advertisements for their artistry. For true creatives, being an Artist is their way of life. It’s a philosophy, not just a cool catchphrase or some hobby. True Artists take their work just as serious as you take the desire to become their masterpiece.

The Canvas Is AliveAs a traditional painter when I paint on a canvas there’s no resistance or feedback, as it’s an inanimate object. for the Hair Artist however, their canvas is a living, breathing person with desires and expectations. I attribute an enormous amount of credit for how they are able to connect with that living canvas and make them happy. A Master Hair Stylist has the ability to even recover from any errors they might encounter during the creative journey. If that vibrant red that Elizabeth requested turns out a bit dull or not quite the shade she’d envisioned, things can go haywire and fast! Elizabeth may react in a way the Artist did not anticipate and has to be ready to handle these scenarios. Artists, Hair Stylists, all Creatives, in general, are like alchemists. they have the ability to take anything for the most part and turn it into a better version of themselves. That itself is a sacred practice we would all do better to appreciate more and give our gratitude, to the Artists of our World.


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