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With online booking becoming more and more the norm with the advancement of technology, it is easier than ever to search for a Hair Stylist of your preference! When you feel your ends could use a shape up of your roots need some touching up, pairing yourself with someone in tune with your needs can be a task. Being able to relate to a like-minded personality is essential and leads to a stronger relationship between the patron and hairdresser. Through online booking, though the process is fast and simple, there is a lot that can get lost during the connection process. Though most salon websites have bios laid out for each of their technicians, reading about someone and speculating is a world of difference between meeting them in person and bonding. There’s a certain warmth and touch of humanity that is invaluable in connecting.

Tradition Meets New Age

Let’s set the record straight- Online Booking is a fantastic new addition to the salon industry as we wish convenience and optimal service for all our clientele. What’s important to remember however, is that we as Hair Artists keep instilled the practice of The Consultation. A consummate professional makes sure that upon greeting a client for the first time, that they are given a proper hair consultation. Through a series of key questions, your stylist inquires what your hair needs are, in addition to any underlying factors you may have not been aware of before. By consulting with your client, you can inquire what they do for a living, if they travel often, their fashion tastes and so forth. This gives the stylist a better idea of who you are and what you’re in need of. That level of personability can never be reached solely through online searching. Make sure that after you’ve found someone online you favor, that they sit with you during your appointment for a consultation. That, will tell you if that person is really listening to you and is a good match for your hair needs.

Setting the Bar for 3 Decades

At Dramatics NYC, President and C.E.O., “Rock” is the Master of Consultation. For countless years, he has consistently instilled this philosophy to hundreds of HairDressers. Teaching an official Consultation Class on a weekly basis, Rock believes wholeheartedly that the consultation is a Stylist’s #1 tool in their arsenal. For this reason, he has successfully expanded his education to the newly created DNYC Academy, which is now open to the public. That means anyone interested in a career of hairdressing is welcome, even operators outside of Dramatics. Aside from appearance, technical skill and aspiration, Consultation is the main focus when it comes to developing yourself as a successful Hair Stylist. The “secret” to why a consultation is so vital, in Rock’s opinion, is that communication is everything. The effort to get to know what someone is looking for is what makes a person feel special and tended to. In the end, we all just want to be heard. Dramatics is here to listen! We look forward to your next consultation with us!


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