I’m originally from Mexico, I grew up in a very small town with my grandparents. I moved to New York City when I was 14 years old with my parents .

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It was  very hard for me because I left behind my brother, my  sister, my grandparents and my friends. I also didn’t speak  any english. I started high school but I dropped off because I was bullied. At 15 years old i got pregnant. My life was very hard during that time and i  realized i made alot of mistakes. After having my son i broke up with his father  and I was on my own with a one year old baby without knowing what to do because I did  not finish highschool, spoke zero English and never worked in my life. Fortunately my parents chose to help me take care of my son and I got my Ged diploma. During that time i worked as a street vendor so i can provide for my son and save money to go to a cosmetology school. I started school in 2009 and the reason why i chose to do hair is because that was the easy way to get a diploma and get a stable job.

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In 2010 i got my certificate but i had a very hard time finding a job as an assistant since i was only 17 years old.

Honestly, nothing was easy for me but I always believe that everything happens for a reason in life.Throughout this time I fell in love with the industry and my whole life has changed. I graduated from assistant to stylist, i met the love of my life (he is also a stylist) and i am still learning the process of how a salon works, building up my clientele, and taking as many classes as I can to further my education when it comes to hair and beauty. Looking back and reflecting on how everything happened i regret nothing and i am proud of my choices. In the end everything worked out wonderfully and i couldnt be any happier.

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