Whether it’s the latest haircut trend or that seasonal haircolor that has you raving for a makeover, getting you hair done is an experience. A sacred ritual to most, in which the client is inherently seeking something “more” than just a trim. In their heart of hearts, your every-day New Yorker is looking to stand out and be unique. To leave the salon with something only a true Stylist can provide, as opposed to your every-day Hairdresser. They wish to leave as a work of art.
What is the difference between a Stylist and a Hairdresser? Not knocking the age-old, technical “hairdresser” as they are well trained in a variety of haircuts and color procedures. They do their job like clockwork and they do it very well! That’s the thing though, we New Yorkers deal with nothing but clockwork! We want a revolution! A timeless look that can help us feel revitalized, rejuvenated and even reborn!
Those adventurous and daring, the artists and creatives of this world demand a new age of iconicry and innovation in the fashion & beauty world. One length, one-colored hair is a desired look of the past. (Though still a classic look), the look of tomorrow invites a new vision of bright colors, pastels, edgy & asymmetric haircuts, and so much more unexplored territory yet to be!
A Stylist as opposed to a Hairdresser is much different in their professional approach. The classically trained Hairdresser has memorized his/ her formula of success, which consists of seating the client, asking what they would like and giving them just that. What’s wrong with that, you may ask? Nothing really, unless you were hoping the Stylist in them would surface and suggest some creative, new ideas to transform your look! 
In today’s new age of beauty, it is a Stylist’s duty first and foremost, to be an Artist. Not just another “cut and paste” technician. As the times change, so do our desires and so does our pledge as Hair Artists, to the canvas that is our clientele.
Written by Ramon Trif aka “Phoenix” of Dramatics 3rd Ave


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