You Must Care!

Do you even care at all? Care about what, you say? Your hair, of course! Your hair has been with you since the day you were born. Throughout your life, your hair will change and grow just as you do. Interestingly enough, Hair Care Aides and Products have been around as early as the dawn of humanity! Dating way back to the 200’s B.C., The ancient Gauls were the first known civilization to invent a waxy soap-like substance, similar to hair wax, as a hair styling agent. Looking to today, we have certainly come a long way more than 2000 years later, as the beauty industry has expanded to countless hair products all with different purposes and promises. With so many varieties of hair types and textures, from Straight to Curly, to Damaged & Unruly, Delicate & Fine, how do you go about finding the right support for your hair? Today we’re going to take a look at what the best means of finding a hair care product is, the top places to locate them and some insider tips on guaranteeing the integrity of a hair care product.

Integrity is Everything

Writing this article, it inspired me to look back throughout my 15 year career in the beauty industry as a Salon Coordinator, to reflect upon why Salon Exclusive Home-Care Products continue to boast tremendous success, even over Retail Giants such as Amazon and Ricky’s NYC. The answer has nothing to do with competitive pricing, special deals, or even with the name brand itself. The sole reason that Hair Care Products from In-House Salon Boutiques continue to be the #1 is, Integrity. What is meant by integrity, is that there is a difference between the act of purchasing a product online via Amazon, versus being prescribed or recommended something personally for you, from your Stylist. Sure, you can easily pick up a specialized Color-Care shampoo or a unique treatment for Curly, Unruly hair at the click of a button. The price is right, shipment takes but 2 days with Amazon Prime and you don’t even need to leave home. Yet, In-Salon Home Care Lines are still championing the beauty industry.

How Salons Build Trust through Integrity

The past two decades have seen some of the Top Hair Care Brands rank as the most trusted product lines world-wide, such as Redken, Wella, Alfaparf, Schwarzkopf and Savannah. All of these name-trusted brands are available on or in most Ricky’s NYC retail stores, so why should someone bother to go out of their way and get a product from a Stylist, if you can just get one this way, much easier? What the average consumer does not know is that even if a product on Amazon is a few dollars cheaper, there are a number of things not guaranteed, which can lead to some major frustration. The first is the authenticity of the product. It can happen that, what is being sold to you is an outdated or expired product. Sometimes, even as old as their outdated label design. Meaning, that jar or bottle has been sitting somewhere in the back of some warehouse for numerous years,collecting dust. Another hassle with ordering online is the potential of losing your item, or having it arrive damaged. Unless you pay an additional cost for Insurance coverage, you’re simply not guaranteed of even getting what you ordered! When you deal with a local hair salon, there is always a manager and a set of policies that you can rely on in the cause of any mishaps. I myself, would much rather communicate with an actual person than get a run-around from an automated operator. 

Hair Care that Gives for Life!

I was perplexed to see that upon using Amazon’ search engine, only 4 Hair Categories pop up, being “Wavy”, “Curly”, “Unruly” and “Coiled”. Not even they have all their bases covered! That’s another reason to stick with your trusted Salon Boutique, as they handle all hair types and textures, including “Straight”, “Fine”, “Damaged”, “Color/ Processed” and the list goes on. Aside from the integrity of your Shampoo or Styling Aide, you receive valuable information from your Stylist on just how to use said product, how often to use it and any “secrets” or “tricks” only a Professional would be in on. A consultation from your Hairdresser costs you nothing at any given moment! Now that’s a guarantee even the might Amazon can never compete with! One simply cannot call up Amazon or Ricky’s and ask for personable one on one advice about a specific product. However, in the world of hair and beauty, hairdressers specialize in being the forefront authority on Hair Care. I have such high faith that I would even go so far to predict that in another 2000 years from now, Hair Dressers will still be the most reliable for Hair Care knowledge and integrity!


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